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Fairy Cakes (vore)
Contains nonfatal soft vore.
Livia was excited.  This was her first time exploring out in the wild with her older brother.  The sun had long gone down, and so there wasn't too much of a chance of them being interrupted by a wild animal, which they haven't had practice evading yet.  It was late fall, though the fairies were able to keep warm with the heat produced by their magical powers.
"Do you think we'll find any mortal to play jokes on?"  Asked Livia.
"Possibly," replied her older brother, Barry.
It wasn't long before they encountered an object that Livia never saw before.
"What's that, brother?"
"It's a tent.  Something that mortals use to shelter themselves when camping.  You're in luck, you get to see me play a trick on a mortal, just like you wanted."
Livia followed her brother into the tent, to see a strange creature lying on the ground in a bundle of soft material.  He was humanoid in shape, but was very much a feline, which reminded her of
:iconhungry-cat-mike:hungry-cat-mike 14 10
I could just eat you up by YoshiMan1118 I could just eat you up :iconyoshiman1118:YoshiMan1118 172 125
Unprecedented Means of Protection- Vore AoT
To say things were going badly was an understatement. At least four variants had been spotted according to the smoke flares, and there were too many Titans to count. Eren's horse kept whinnying in protest every time he did a roundabout to face his comrades screaming for help only to see it was too late. Titans were everywhere, overwhelming the troops. The open fields limited their options on using their 3D maneuvering devices and too many deaths had already occurred.
My fault, Eren thought as he stared blankly at a bloody limb of a poor soldier- maybe a friend, maybe a stranger- lying in the grass beside him. It's my fault this happened.
The excursion into the lands outside of wall Maria had been an attempt to clear off a what had been thought to be a small band of Titans clinging to the outer edges. Levi had cleared the mission with the survey corp, saying that with Eren's Titan abilities and the small number to take out it should be cake.
And of course when things got bad he couldn't
:iconvoraciouslypleased:VoraciouslyPleased 101 61
Trust Me (SNK Vore [AT])
From every angle to be seen, there was what seemed like nothing but debris. Bodies piled up, and Titan vomit was askew everywhere. Their nature still unknown, they had destroyed wall Maria yet again, and this time, more severely. Most of the 104th was either severely injured or out fighting- Connie had a broken leg, Jean's ankle was twisted, Ymir nor Historia were anywhere to be seen. Sasha was holding up well, and Eren was destroying Titans left and right with his shape shifting ability. So far, the battles hadn't gone well, yet the Titans were lessening slowly but surely.
As for Mikasa? She was right near Eren, fighting off the titans that tried to gang up on him, with Armin to her right. The three of them were a team, and refused to let each other die. It was tricky work, and the titans were most interested in them, their eyes set on the trio like a cat's dangerous gaze stalking prey. "Eren, they seem to only be getting closer! Should we take them out?" Armin asked. From within the
:iconredlasunshowers029:RedlaSunShowers029 39 17
The Giant and the Orphan Part three
Tyrone froze from that, silent for a moment. "Ye like it?" He asked, joy raising up in his voice.
"yeah!" she smiled."its warm and soft in here."
Tyrone was happily growling now, he was so happy she wasn't unhappy there. "Awww lass.... well I'll have to let ye out to tend to yer wounds but then I can eat ye back up again if ye'd like.
"yay!" she cheered. she loved the heart beat that vibrated all around her, and the softness under her. but she began to cry again when her ribs started to hurt her again.
Tyrone grimaced when she started to cry. Sheding a tear himself " I'm sorry, but we are in sight of my home, just hang in there lass, I'll fix ye up" he said to her. Before he started walking faster.
She tries to hold back her tears."o-.....o-tay..."
Tyrone didn't speak as he went into his home, looking for the bandages.
she rolled onto her side trying to lessen the pain. " hurts..."
"Aye I'm working on it lass, I'm so sorry" he said as he quickly dragged a wooden
:iconbabypandu:BabyPandu 26 13
The Giant and the Orphan Part two
When the giant began to walk Dany began to wake. she looked around disoriented. It was dark, squishy, and wet every where. she the ground under her and grimaced when a large line of thick saliva followed her hand back up. She began to sit up but then screamed at her many broken ribs shot pain through her body. her arms wrapped around her chest.
Tyrone gasped from the scream, putting a hand on his belly. "Lass? Are ye alright? "He asked her, trying to figure out if that was a scream of pain or horror.
The little girl looked around in confusion, trying to find the source of the voice. she held her ribs in pain. " fine... just hurting."she winced.
Tyrone bit his lip from that. "I'm sorry.... they hurt ye pretty bad huh?..... darn those lads... picking on a wee little lass" he said the last few words in a toned down version of the voice he used to scare the boys, a voice that was easily recognizable.
"tere not vewy nice to me's.." she pouted. she still looked confused not knowing w
:iconbabypandu:BabyPandu 36 18
The Giant and the Orphan Part one
The little 6 year old Dany was walking back to the orphanage with groceries. she hummed as she walked down the street of her small town. She stopped when she heard laughter behind her. she turned and saw the kids that bullied her at school."hi guys." she smiled and tried to sound kind. she always lived up to the saying kill your enemies with kindness. The biggest of all the bullies walked up and pushed her to the ground. the groceries fell to the ground the food and other items spilling out everywhere."i thought i told you to only speak when spoken to brat!" The large boy yelled. he was obviously a lot older then her. "didn't your parents teach you that?! oh wait they couldn't..because you don't have any."The little girl couldn't help but cry. the bullies began to laugh at the little girl.
Tyrone was at the edge of town today, watching the child bring the groceries..... or attempt to. It angered him a bit every time he seen the young girl get bullied, he wanted to roar and scare them s
:iconbabypandu:BabyPandu 49 144
Shelter From The Storm
Warning: Non fatal, Soft, Safe, Vore, Micro, Macro, Shrinking
*Authors Note: Just for everyone to know and this vore story is a non furry and dragon vore story the two sibling characters in this short story are both human it basically a Giant/Tiny vore story just something I wanted to try out so Enjoy everyone*
In a home in a small town in Wisconsin a young boy by the age of 12 was in his room reading a book he was a normal boy with an normal life, the boy lived with his older sister and father they family had a difficult past when the boy was young the families mother was having an afar with another man and went off to live with him, leaving the father to raise his two kids on his own the father did the best he could to be a good dad for his son and daughter he knew that he couldn't replace their mother but he had to be strong for them.
The boy was Tim he was the youngest of his family he had dark brown hair and green eyes like his dad and sister had, he would always dress in shorts a
:icondragondude97:Dragondude97 71 103
(Vore Story) The Father of a Monster (SxR)
Warning: This story contains vore, safe-vore, some animals being eaten and digested, and slight, but not fatal, digestion to human characters. If this isn't something you would want to read, then why are you here?
It had been a couple of mouths since your folks decided to move away from the village. The reason being that your father had taken into ownership of his deceased parent's old farm after their recent passing. A huge green field that seemed to stretch on forever, a tall forest at its border. In the center of that field laid a fairly large cabin that you and your folks were to move into. Near the old cabin sat a brown barn, chicken coop, windmill, and well.
Your father believed in now owning a farm he could better support his family as working in the village had proved to be a struggle to keep a roof over everyone's heads and their bellies full. His wife agreed, however, it didn't seem like your consent had been valued, unfort
:iconmicih123:micih123 33 27
The Dragon and The Little Knights
Warning: Contains none fatal vore, soft vore, and child vore. Don't like don't read.
Nimue was in her human form though was still her same size of thousand feet. She still though had some of her features like her white tail, gray horns on her head, and white wings. Her human form was pale and her hair was white like her scales. She wore a blue dress that showed her mid-section and back that ran down to her bare feet. Again she was reading only this time with her back against a small mountain. Unaware of the tiny presents that were nearby.
"Alright guys there she is. That's the dragon that's been terrorizing the kingdom. Were going to get her good." Said a dark hair boy that was the leader of a tiny assault group. "But don't you think we might be pushing are luck?" Said a boy who was a novice in magic, unsure they were capable of defeating a dragon. "Will be fine. We got the numbers and we got weapons." Said the leader. "But isn't this stuff used for practice?" Said the novice mage nerv
:iconmicih123:micih123 36 19
Bulldog(Vore Story)
Warning: Story contains soft vore, safe vore, and child vore.
In a cabin far from civilization, there lived a single mother and her five sons. Their ages were five, seven, nine, eleven and thirteen. Every day the mother would leave into town for work, leaving the oldest of her cherub to watch over the others, and every time she came home did she discover her brood was covered in saliva. The mother had no clue how her sons could be coated in so much drool. The only suspect was their chubby bulldog, Tito, who came to be as big as an elephant. With a huge slobbery maw that could likely fill a tub with spit and a red tongue as big as a python, who else could be the main suspect for her children to get a bath every day. Just a single lick from such a large pooch probably could make anyone look like they had just crawled out from a sewer after a quick dive for some bazaar reason.
This, however, didn't bother the mother too much, rather it pleased her to see her youthful bunch showing their f
:iconmicih123:micih123 42 12
Wolf or Bear? (Vore)
Warning: Story contains vore, soft-vore, child vore, safe-vore, if that bothers you then please look to the back arrow button.
Howard, Clark, Danial, and Mark laughed as they played their game of tag. As of now Clark was it as he pursued after his brothers throughout the vast forest that made up most of their villages landscape. They hadn't gone far from their small town that came to be inhabited by very few people, ranging up to a hundred individuals. They were instructed by their parents to not go too far into the wilderness or they were bound to be devoured by the beasts within its tall trees. This didn't seem to spook any of them in the slightest
All boys had fair skin with their ages ranging between 7 to 13, they dressed lightly and were currently barefoot as they ran about through the woods. "Tag your it!" Laughed Clark after tagging Howard on the shoulder, the boy then proceeded to flee from his brother, laughing
:iconmicih123:micih123 45 31
Short-Tempered (Vore story)
Warning: Story contains furries, giant furries, young furries, vore, soft-vore, unwilling, non-digestion, kid vore, slight bullying. If this isn't something you want to read, then you don't have to read it. I'm not forcing you to do so.
Outside the elementary school, the many young souls would be enjoying their youth on the school playground. A typical hot spot for wee minds such as them. They would climb, run, swing, slide, play made up games, just basic things a kid can do on a playground with others near or is his or her age.
However, a lone child would not partake in these childish events. A kid named Brooks had come to find himself to be the black sheep of this school. Not because he acted differently than the kids, but rather it was his appearance, size, and shape. He did not walk on two legs, but rather four instead, but he was no animal, despite closely looking as such.
His entire figure was painted
:iconmicih123:micih123 19 41
A Day at the Circus (Vore Story)
Warning: Story contains soft vore, safe vore, and child vore.
Riding in the back of a white van were seated five young boys with a single mother driving them towards the circus as a reward for cleaning the house. Arriving, the place was packed with both men, woman, and children ,the circus being filled with their constant yells of joy and loud talking. The mother explained to her children to stay close while walking. Through out the day the family played games, won prizes, went on rides, and petted animals that were allowed to be touched. It was a cheery day of fun, and laughter.
Later, people began to gatherer inside the largest tent where the show would be held, taking their seats as it was soon to begin. Once the children were seated along side their mother she then got up again, saying she would be right back with some drinks, and popcorn. The five were then alone with complete strangers ,but then suddenly the youngest
:iconmicih123:micih123 35 14
Jasmine_and_Carpet by thunder-rw Jasmine_and_Carpet :iconthunder-rw:thunder-rw 19 9 Commission: Spider's Web by SepiSnake Commission: Spider's Web :iconsepisnake:SepiSnake 163 39


This is my interpretation of a phonos. Now is case you don't know what that is, it's a Greek make spirit of murder. But I was never given a description of what phonoi look like, so I went with an orca.
Alice in drink me bottle ornament
One thing I love about this thing, not only is it three dimensional. It's life sized, well, as big as the actual bottle, and as big as Alice was when she shrunk and fell into it
I can't believe summer break is near. You guys excited? Because I am, I'm also planning to get a job to earn some extra cash. So I won't be online very much. I just hope you have an awesome summer!


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